Dog sledding

Dog sledding at Kinadapt

Guided activities (including dog sledding activities) are now possible according to Public Health recommendations.

Sledding at Kinadapt involves …

a team of professional guides and passionate kinesiologists, trained to adapt to anything

a first aid team trained in remote areas

a Quality and Safety certified Aventure Écotourisme Québec company

dogs with annual veterinary follow-up, strategically and safely trained

all trails are on our own private territory and groomed by ourselves

a member company of the Outdoor Fund 1% for the Planet

an organization that is constantly on the move, always looking to improve itself through continuous education, research and development and knowledge sharing


To book, be prepared with

  • the number of participants
  • the weight, height and age of each participant (adults & kids)
  • something to make a deposit
  • options for dates since we are in high season, and options of time of day (9 AM , 10 AM, 1 PM, 2 PM)
INFORMATION REQUEST Reservation by phone  450 834-4441

Le p’tit coureur des bois

Dog sled ride and interpretation of the life of our husky pack

From 10 am to 12 pm or

From 1 pm to 3 pm or

From 2 pm to 4 pm (only available if previous time slots are full)

The P’tit coureur is the ideal family activity! (for children 2 years and older, not allowed for pregnant women) This outing includes a 30 minutes dogsled ride, a guided visit of the farm and personal contact with our husky pack. Our mushers – your personal dogsled drivers – will be there to share their passion as well as the devotion of our dogs in a safe environment.

120  adult
55  children 11 years old and under

325  family of 4 (2 adults and 2 children of 11 yo and under)


INFORMATION REQUEST Reservation by phone  450 834-4441

The ride

Dogsled ride driven by a guide

From 10 am to noon
from 1 pm to 3 pm

Ideal for those who wish to enjoy the beautiful scenery and feel the pleasure of gliding across snow-covered paths.  A certified guide drives the dogsled team and lets you experience something truly unique.

During this activity you will meet the Alaskan huskies that form our pack and enjoy the outdoor bonfire with our retired dogs.

230 per person
110 for children 11 years old and under

(Not suitable for children 6 years and under)


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INFORMATION REQUEST Reservation by phone  450 834-4441

The ''heart stopper''

Duration: 3 hours
From 9 am to noon or

from 1 pm to 4 pm

You will learn how to lead your own dogsled team and how to communicate and drive in technical paths in the forest. After a technical training class, you will have the possibility of  harnessing at your dog team and after the excitement of departure, supervised by a certified guide, you will slide on the snow with your team.  After your ride, you take off the harnesses of your dogs and stop by the sugar shack for a hot beverage or keep on petting the pups, depending on your preference!

 230 per person (two person per sled)
 265 per person (one person per sled or driven by a guide)

*Reservation required

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INFORMATION REQUEST Reservation by phone  450 834-4441


Dogsled ride for veterans of the sport who have previously participated in dogsled training at Kinadapt

Schedule: On appointment

The veteran package is offered to those who have already participated in the Heart Stopper (see above). Since you have already followed our dog sledding technique course, a short overview of safety rules and you’re ready to harness your team for a ride. Your guide will show you the way through our vast landscape. You can expect at least 2 hours on site.

210 per person (two people per sled) 
250 per person (one person per sled)

Season pass:  5 sessions of dog sledding with your own team

695 Reservation always required, activity under the supervision of a certified guide.


INFORMATION REQUEST Reservation by phone  450 834-4441

The Authentic or the mini-expedition

Duration: full day (option of overnight stay)

You start the day with a safety briefing and instructions to learn how to drive a dog sled. You will learn how to put the harness for your dogs team with the help of your guide. After dogsledding for 8 to 10 kilometers, you will bring the dogs back and you will have a meal at the sugar shack with your guide. You will learn the history of dogsledding and some anecdotes about how is life in a husky pack. After your meal, you will head for a snowshoeing hike in the forest with dogs running free and learn how to recognize animal tracks. Before the sun goes down, you will feed the dogs with the mushers, a nice way to thank them for their good work.

350 per person (two person per sled)
425 per person (one person per sled)

VIP option: add 300 per person and you will sleep in a refuge in the forest with your own dogs team with the guidance of your private guide.


  • Evening meal
  • Breakfast
  • Moonlight dog sledding
  • Winter sleeping bag
  • Private guide for the whole experience
  • Cost for double occupancy

VIP at  Rawdon Golf Resort also available, contact us for more details

*Reservation required

INFORMATION REQUEST Reservation by phone  450 834-4441

Romantic Explorer

Duration: two days, departure to your choice , either in the afternoon or evening

A unique experience! Plan your arrival at Kinadapt at 1 pm. After a safety briefing, we pack all the equipment to leave for a dog sledding ride between 10 and 12 km, driven by our mushers. You can also choose to arrive at 7 pm and do an evening ride. Once back to the kennel, a warm fireplace awaits at your Rawdon Golf Resort room, just 5 min drive away.

Included: dogsled ride with your own musher, candlelight terroir dinner, private suite with whirlpool bath, breakfast and 15% discount for La Source Bains Nordiques entry just 8 minutes away from your room. La Source Bains Nordiques offers a full spa experience carved into the mountains, for a complete tranquility and rejuvenation experience.

Cost: 575 per person, double occupation


Online booking is not available for this package, please book by phone 450-834-4441

*Reservation required

INFORMATION REQUEST Reservation by phone  450 834-4441

Moonlight run

Evening dogsled ride

Duration: 1h30 (departure at 7 pm)

Discover the world of dog sledding as it is in the great races: riding at night to take advantage of the heat of the daylight to sleep! This package includes an hour of dog sledding at night driven by our mushers. After the run, enjoy a hot beverage after the run in the sugar shack next to a warn fireplace.

255 per person

*Reservation required

INFORMATION REQUEST Reservation by phone  450 834-4441