Traditional maple syrup making workshop

Traditional maple syrup making workshop

March and April 9am to 4pm

During this activity, you will learn about the origins of the tradition, the importance of team work and the collaboration of dog sleds and work horses during the making of maple syrup.

You will also become a sugarmaker apprentice; with snowshoes on and a bucket in your hand, you will collect the sap with your guide. You will learn how to identify the maple tree, how to drill the tapholes and discover all the steps of the maple syrup transformation! You will be able to taste every step, and will savor a traditional sugar shack meal and finish with taffy on the snow, the typical dessert.

You will leave for home with a sample of the maple syrup made during your day.

Maximum of 16 people.
150  per person animation and tasting all the steps of transformation250 $ per person animation and traditional meal (minimum of 8 people)


INFORMATION REQUEST Reservation by phone  450 834-4441