Take One’s Time

Slowly, I’m in a hurry. An expression that no longer has any meaning in our modern society. Nowadays, everything has to go fast. The internet, cars, projects and so on. All this speed to achieve results that are often just mediocre or acceptable.   Slowly, I’m in a hurry. I heard this phrase during an […]

Team-building – a coach’s essential tool

Team-building – a coach’s essential tool Nine years ago I was searching for the perfect team-building activity for the collegiate soccer team I was coaching. Not an easy feat. Maybe it was because I was so demanding…but I was looking for something that would challenge the players physically, emotionally, and mentally. So yeah, going out […]

Dog-Sledding: why does it belong? Part 2 – Today 

In today’s civilized world, the practice of dog sledding is no longer a necessity for the survival of the population. Considered a leisure activity and a sport, it also stands as a cultural emblem for those who want to revive this ancestral tradition. One can easily compare a dogsledding team to the members of a […]

Thoughts from a woodsman – a dreaming musher

Kinadapt wanted to let the voice of musher Normand Casavant be heard on our blog. Winner of the Yukon Quest Veterinarian Award in 2013 and four-time racer in the Quest (2009, 2010, 2013 and 2015), Normand is a partner and a friend we are proud of. To get to know him better, visit his website […]

Dog-Sledding: why does it belong? Part 1 – Yesteryears

Today, I feel like recounting a few historical tidbits; tidbits of dogsledding and how life was before. It’s all about remembering where we come from. In this time of COVID-19 crisis, I take the time to reflect on our beginnings. I often remember that this is what great people do: observe our past hardships to […]

A Breath of Fresh Air: the outdoors as a source of well-being

With today’s anxiety-provoking times, I have read a lot about nature baths and the importance of spending time outdoors. How it reduces stress and anxiety. If you want to know more, the David Suzuki Foundation explains the phenomenon well. It got me thinking about how my relationship with the outdoors came about. At the beginning […]