Q&As about how Kinadapt adapts to the COVID-19 pandemic.


Update Dec2 22nd 2021

How a visit on site will look like?


Get information on outdoor activities during the pandemic


Kinadapt wishes to welcome you with a smile and safely. To do so, here are the measures we have planned:

Before arriving on site:

No access allowed on site for:

  • Anyone who has symptoms of aggravated cough, fever, sore throat, diarrhea or intestinal issues, loss of smell or taste
  • Traveled outside Quebec in the last two weeks Has tested positive for COVID-19 in the past 4 weeks or has been in contact with someone who has tested positive for COVID-19 or thinks they have contracted COVID-19.


  • Reservation required for any visit or activity on the site and you must have received a booking confirmation from Kinadapt.


  • Essential equipment:
    • 2 masks or face-covering for each person
    • 1 bottle of antiseptic gel, always in your pockets


  • How to book?


  • online HERE
  • by phone at 450-834-4441
  • by email at kinadapt@bellnet.ca
  • Requests by facebook will not be processed daily, response times may occur.

For members:

  • Reservation by phone, text message, email or facebook message
  • Wait for confirmation from Kinadapt before coming


During your activity

1- Once in the parking lot:

  • Before disembarking from the vehicle, wash your hands with a hydroalcoholic solution. We ask that you have this solution in your pockets during your activity, to facilitate cleaning of hands BEFORE and AFTER touching any animal on site.
  • If this is your first visit, an employee will direct you to the front desk or the appropriate area for your activity
  • Put on your mask to enter the reception.

You can say hello and …

  • The risks will be explained to you, keeping the 2 m distance.
  • We will tell you what is currently taking place on the territory (open trails, dog training, camping sites)
  • Depending on your activity, we will give you instructions.


  • During the activity, always keep a distance of 2 meters from any other person who does not share your home.
  • Make sure you have a face covering if needed.


3- PLEASE NEVER ENTER A BUILDING: the house, the sugar shack or the barn are closed to guests until further notice, unless there is an emergency requiring first aid (dog or human).

4- Use of compolettes (dry toilets)

  • limit the use of dry toilets to the absolute necessary, if you use them apply the following measures wash your hands before opening the door
  • After you finish, use the spray bottle (disinfectant cleaner) to clean anything you touched. Take a small amount of hydroalcoholic gel in one hand, open the door, and wash your hands with hydroalcoholic gel for 20 seconds.

5- Thank you for reading all the attached documents in your communications with us which will make this day a moment filled with fresh air and fun!


What are the sanitary measures happening at Kinadapt, specifically about cleaning of the areas?



  • Hand washing station (water&soap or hand sanitizer) available at multiple spots on site.


  • All buildings are closed to visitors. Only the “Camp Bouchard” is open as a rain protected area for lunch. It has been organized to respect social distancing measures.


  • Every place with frequently touched surfaces have a small cleaning station (spray bottle of soapy water and spray bottle of desinfectant) available for your use. We strongly encourage everybody to participate in the essential sanitary measures.
  • Contact-free payments through E-transfer payments available


  • Safety briefing respecting social distancing


  • Every lodging is cleaned up and desinfected after rental, and we leave a 24h delay between reservations.


  • More frequent cleaning and desinfecting of the compost toilets near the parking.


  • Adapted emergency plan if a participant presents symptoms of COVID-19


Can dogs get sick with COVID-19?

The current spread of COVID-19 is a result of human-to-human transmission. According to the World Organisation for Animal Health, there is no evidence to suggest that animals infected by humans are playing a role in the spread of this disease. This is an area that continues to be studied.

As of now, the dogs aren’t considered as active transmission agents of COVID-19.

However, they are at risk of acting as a passive transmission surface. They are like plenty of surfaces where the virus can live for a very limited amount of time. The survival rate of the virus on animal fur is estimated to be only a couple of hours.

So, as we always should do, it is important to wash your hands BEFORE and AFTER touching an animal.

More details here



If I book an activity and new public health rules prevent me to travel to Kinadapt, what will happen?


Everything will be ok ;) We postpone the activity to another time, no fees, no expiration date. You can transfer the deposit on any other activity, service or product, and even transfer it to someone else. Since the well-being of our dogs depend on our multiple activities, no refunds are possible.