Thoughts from a woodsman – a dreaming musher

Kinadapt wanted to let the voice of musher Normand Casavant be heard on our blog. Winner of the Yukon Quest Veterinarian Award in 2013 and four-time racer in the Quest (2009, 2010, 2013 and 2015), Normand is a partner and a friend we are proud of. To get to know him better, visit his website Casaventures. He was also Pamela’s mentor in her preparation for her dog sledding racing season.

Normand has been living as a traditional musher since his return to Quebec 4 years ago. The only way to leave his territory is by sled! Very isolated, he can live each moment in the present with his dogs, and enjoy the freedom of the great outdoors that starts at his doorstep. However, we have been lucky enough to cross paths with him on the rare occasions that he ventures out to civilization to share his passion for mushing.

Thoughts from a woodsman

“I’ve spent a lot of time alone with my dogs in the last four years of confinement…

Au bord du Lac Bijoux,” by Zacharie Richard, every time I hear it…I cry throughout the song.

What a beautiful song of love…of swallows.  There is so much love that exists between species, believe me, I’ve seen it many times in my short human life.  Love doesn’t only belong to humans… it’s everywhere in nature. I love nature so much. I can’t understand why people are so intent on destroying biodiversity :(

For cash, commerce, war, too much comfort, possession, domination and so on!!!

Consumption is a disease managed by xxxxxxxxx.

Then comes the followers, those who fill their lacks and desires by consuming!!!

All this is based on an economy of mass destruction.  I deeply hope that after the virus, we rise to give splendor back to Mother Earth with Men of Wisdom at her side.  We have to learn to stand tall, 

Normrêveur “

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