Cani-kart is a traction sport on wheels with our huskies, perfect to experience dog sledding in the forest when the snow is gone!

Duration: 3 hours                                                                   

From 9 AM to 12 AM or from 1 PM to 4 PM                                                                

Starting with a safety briefing, you will learn how to approach dogs safely and then you will meet the Pack with your guide. A demonstration of various types of dog training will follow, ranging from free play to pursuit and the different traction sports (canicross, scooter and cani-kart).

Moreover, you will experience a 20-30 min Cani-kart ride driven by your guide through our trails in the forest if temperature is adequate. If too warm, you will experience other types of traction sports that are more suited for our nordic huskies during summer.

99 $ per person
(Not suited for children 10 yo and under)

*Reservation required

INFORMATION REQUEST Reservation by phone  450 834-4441