Mushing school

Want to create a human and dog team in synergy?

Our 42 hour course to learn the basics of mushing is the gateway to a truly special world. An experience that makes you learn about the canine world, group dynamics, the essential qualities to be an ethical and inspiring leader.

Among other things, you will learn how to drive, train and take care of your own team of sled dogs.

Schedule: Novembre 13th to December 18th 2021, 9 to 5 pm

Why a mushing course?

This training was created for:

1. Dog owners and their canine partner (s) (athletes or not) who want to be coached for their harness sports. It is a question of getting off to a good start in sport and avoiding mistakes that put dog well-being at risk.

2. Professional guides who want to become a musher: Guiding with huskies as a colleague can be the dream, when you have good knowledge and a proven and ethical approach.

3. Those who are passionate about movement and teamwork dynamics between humans and the canine breed: the training was born from discussions between all kinds of professionals, from kinesiologists to veterinarians, including psychoeducation and ecology.

This course is …

– the result of many years in the field of mushing, athlete training and team and outdoor sports

– based on lived experience and available evidence – created to encourage experiential learning, decision-making and the development of the skills necessary for a handler, future musher

– the best way, in a world where dogs are not always welcome, to be part of a big 4-legged family.

This course is not …

– for close-minded people and those who do not have the will to work in a team

– the end of your training: it is the birth of a passion that will only grow in the future. It is there to make people think, ask questions and make mushing grow. You do not come out of it an expert, but rather an insider who is even more thirsty to improve his sport.

This training is also …

– the front door to the Kinadapt team. All the guides followed it, helped develop and test it. This is our signature.

– Ideal if you want to work for one of the 30 dog sled operators who are members of Aventure Écotourisme Québec.

The course gives you the skills to become a “handler”. What’s that? The musher’s helper. You will be able to help the team, lead a small team of sleds and know how to take care of a kennel. There are a few crusts left to eat if you plan to go on an expedition to the Far North… one step at a time! We guarantee that you start off on the right foot with us.


1200 (+tx)





Every saturday from 9 to 5 pm at Kinadapt, starting Nov 13th to December 18th 2021

Theory and practice are spread over the dates above according to the weather and the participants. The theory / practice ratio varies according to the group’s experience, the weather and the needs. The course takes place on our playground, so the possibilities are great to integrate the concepts on the ground or in the classroom. The course covers many topics, including the history of dog sledding, canine solo and pack behavior, types of dog traction equipment, exercise physiology in dogs, care etc. The course plan is available on request.


Depending on public health restrictions, the format may be offered in a mix of online and face-to-face content. You must therefore be ready with a reliable internet connection and a functional technological tool (phone, tablet, computer).

The main coaches for the 2021 edition:

Paméla Turcotte-Boutin, BSc Ecology, musher for 17 years, NCCP level 1

Sophie Dancose, BSc. Kinesiology and MSc. Physiotherapy, musher for 7 years, NCCP level 1

Laurence Daigle, DMV, musher for 10 years



Peter Boutin, BSc Kinesiology, owner of Kinadapt and musher for 17 years.

Sarah David-Riel, MSc Kinesiology, dog traction sports athlete since young age and musher for 5 years

A certificate is given at the end of the class


Rough course plan (french only), click here


Email to with subject title: Mushing course. We do admin work on Fridays, we’ll get back to you at that point.

To register by phone, contact Carole Turcotte 450 834-4441


Programs can be eligible to receive a grant from Emploi-Québec or as a training session under the 1% Law (The Skills Act) to promote workforce skills development and recognition.

Certificat d’agrément : 0057743

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You may select one of our “Nature Adventure” programs to show appreciation to your employees for their commitment and to demonstrate your appreciation or simply to provide a unique opportunity to improve your company’s morale and social environment.

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You may contact Carole Turcotte at 450 834-4441to help select your program.

Full day training program to help you become more efficient team leaders

This program is intended for team leaders, project managers or professionals who work as a team. You can create your own group or join one of our scheduled groups and events.

Along with an instructor and guide-interpreters, you will experience a day outdoors to help you understand the importance of each team member.

You will learn how to lead a dogsledding team. You will be guided and coached through the art of communicating with your dogsledding team and leading them in the direction you want to go and finally, you will learn what role you have to play to motivate them.

$650 per person all inclusive (meal and snack)
A certificate is issued to all participants upon respecting success criteria

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You may contact Carole Turcotte at 450 834-4441 to help select your program.

Two-day training program to help improve your leadership qualities (Leader of the Pack)


The program is intended for CEOs, Presidents or owners of small businesses

You will learn how to lead a pack of huskies and get a glimpse into the world of dogsledding. The instructor will ask that you observe, practise and grasp the various management principles that are applicable to living resources and transferrable to human resources.

You will join a group of managers from various environments. This experience is intended to help you acquire more efficiency and to help you better manage your employees and your department heads. You will understand your own management abilities and learn to transfer these skills and abilities to become a better, more efficient pack leader.

$1200 per person meals, snacks and overnight accommodation available in Rawdon

A certificate is issued to all participants upon respecting success criteria












You may contact Carole Turcotte at 450 834-4441to help select your program.