Summer camp

Summer camp

Adventure Challenge Camp for young people aged 10 to 14 years old

The Kinadapt summer camp was created for Paméla. As a child, she was not a fan of more traditional day camps …

She needed:

  • Surpass oneself and achieve oneself
  • Take care of nature and its inhabitants, create concrete projects, run on trails …
  • Team working
  • Improve physical and manual skills

What could be better than a training center with 30 km of trails, where are living 90 dogs, 30 chickens, 2 horses and a few cats and rabbits to achieve these goals!


  • Introduction to farm work
  • Initiation to animal care (30 chickens, 2 horses, many cats and 86 dogs!)
  • Involvement in husky training
  • Multisport training (open-water swimming, trail running, hiking, canicross, mountain biking and outdoor yoga)
  • Ecotourism experience and interpretation of nature and wildlife
  • Involvement in 3 C missions (Conception, Creation and Construction)

Children are supported and supervised by a kinesiologist, a child life specialist and various guide-interpreters and instructors.

Camp coordinators:

Carole Turcotte, childlife specialist

Paméla Turcotte Boutin,  BSc Ecology and Horticulturalist

Typical schedule

From monday to friday (arrival is possible on Sunday evening)

7:00 to 8:30  Arrival at camp and animal care

10:00        Dog training

11:00        Canicross hike

12:00        Picnic on the trails or at campsite

Cleaning and Free time

13:30        Mission or multisport training

14:30        Bathing in the Cascades

15:30        Feeding of the animals

16:30 à 18:00  Going back home (supervised free time with an instructor)

Once per week, aquatic activities on a lakeside


Max 6 participants per week, 10 – 14 y.o

From 7:30 am until 6 pm, Monday to Friday

750 /week (includes lunch and snacks)

995 /week (includes housing, meals and snacks)

Start: June 27th 2022 at Aug 1st 2022.

This camp is intended to be a place to develop essential skills for future inhabitants of the Earth, with all the challenges that this represents.
It is not a camp exclusively filled with entertainment activities. There will be times to have fun, times to surpass oneself and more challenging times. This will allow the development of useful tools for life: communication, acceptance of differences, perseverance, resilience, and much more!


    • Reservation required, price + tax
    • No refund, a credit will be granted if cancellation 1 week before the start of the camp.
    • COVID: no refund, but the credit can be used on any activities at Kinadapt.


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Labor market preparation program for young people aged 15 to 16 years

Within a character-building day camp during the summer, young people aged 14 to 16 years old will learn about farm work and discover the importance of physical capacities and team work while performing the numerous tasks required for animal care. They will be given various responsibilities while under the supervision of a child life specialist, biologist, kinesiologist and supported by other team members. An assessment of skills to be developed will be made during the week to better prepare them for their future life.

Limit of 2 participants per week, 15-16 yo

850 /week (includes lunch and snacks)

1200 /week (includes housing, meals and snacks)

Start: June 27th 2022 at Aug 1st 2022.

A certificate recognized by Emploi-Québec will be issued for hours spent in the program

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INFORMATION REQUEST Reservation by phone  450 834-4441